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This is going to be a bit of a strange request, I have a JDM 2001 Legacy GTB and I'm trying to track down a service manual. All the links I'm finding are years old and dead, does anyone have a copy in PDF? either the translated Japanese one or if I'm understanding correctly apparently the Australian delivered B4 RSK is pretty much the same
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I have hundreds of Subaru FSMs including EUDM, JDM, and AUDM, but none for the GTB. I'd love to add to my archives for times like this. I have done endless research and came up empty for those. Seems the twin turbo manuals are pretty elusive. Edited by Setnev
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Here's a link to a 2003 model. It should be identical and contains information about the GTB. I guess I did have it after all in my archives. The second gen is the elusive manual.




Thank you, I've been looking for a few days and kept coming up empty handed

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Sorry for replying on an old thread, but i am currently looking for a service manual (the above link from 2017 doesn't work anymore.), does anyone happen to have one handy?

The link in the post preceding your post still works fine.

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