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Official Magnetite Gray Metallic Thread (2018+)


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Edit/Delete text -M/S


Also I replaced the OEM tires with the Continental DWS 06, makes a world of a difference in ride quality and performance in rain and light snow. Tomorrow it's going back to the dealership to get the remote start installed.




Followed suit by swapping out the "just OK" OEM tires for Michelin Pilot Sports. Good to Great performance tires are everything in my book. .. At 81 miles or day one the brandi-neu Outback XT was fitted with snow tires, setting our sights on a 1,500mi Vail, Colorado run. FAST forward to near Spring and its summer tire time. Purchased a set of Legacy 18" rims, (same as yours) sparing the ugly 2020 Outback XT alloys for a winter set up. With the Michelin/Legacy alloys being fitted to the Outback XT today I'll be sure to post pic's of the "before N after" pic's.


The summer tire size available are ever-so-slightly shorter, the OEM tire; 28.6" vs 28.1" tall (OEM - 225/60/R18 VS 235/55/VR18 - new)

A 60 mph speedo will actually be 59 mph. - Tough titty . . .

Edited by M. Schneider

Cheers, Mike



|`94 E-Class Coupe |`98 Carrera 993 C2S |`14 Cayman S |`20 Outback Touring XT | All Debadged |

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I was wanting to get this particular JDM grille for my 2016 Liberty (Legacy) but I was advised that this particular style will not suit my year model, even though it's a 6th Gen.

Can you confirm this is the case? I was told the height of the grill was slightly shorter.

I would rather this look than the finer mesh honeycomb grille, but don't want to waste my time and money if it won't fit.


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H E L P!!!!


I am so glad I found this forum. My silver ice 2018 Legacy Sport was just totaled. We are ok...rear ended and have some back aches and pains. Every car I owned prior was white but I could ne get white, I opted for ice silver back in 2018.  I just ordered a Silver ice premium.  Again, no white available and I think they said they are usually paired with Ivory interior...I prefer grey or black interior. Hopefully it will be in with in a month. The only other color coming in was the  Mag grey. I had negative connotation about the color. I THOUGHT it was the dark grey we looked at back when we bought our Black Forester...also in 2018. The black looks good but is a PITA to maintain. It would assume that dark grey would be no better...so when they said Silver or Grey vs I opted for the silver again.

Walking off the lot I saw a Mag grey. It seems lighter in color and looked sharp.  I am now questioning changing my color selection. I'd appreciate YOUR real world advice.

1) Does this color show dirt more than the silver....like the black does. You know what I mean...

2) How dark is the color...on the darker side or lighter side?

3) Is it harder to wax than Silver Ice...swirls etc. I know that is a royal PITA to wax our black forester vs our prior silver Leagcy (RIP).

Any other plusses or minus' would be appreciated.

I'll try to post this in another forum here in as but THANKS!


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18 minutes ago, JohnsLegacyXT said:


I want a jdm grill and sti lip. If I get.the jdm grill it comes gloss black? Do you think I should get gloss black lip then? Or matte lip or carbon fiber lip? Also can you guys get me a link for the grille and the lips. It's a 22 legacy limited XT 350whp

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