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One piece vs. two piece headlights

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I scored a pair of one piece headlights/ corner lights from a '96 Outback along the rest of the front end, and was wondering if there would be any advantage to replacing the 2 piece lights on my '98 wagon.


Also, I noticed the one piece lights use the 9003 headlight bulbs vs. 9007's in the two piece. Any advantage of one style bulb over the other?

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No advantages as far as bulbs go, they're both dual filament bulbs and are both equally easy to find replacement bulbs for. The single piece lights just look a lot better in my opinion.


Subaru went with the two piece design to make it more aesthetically appealing to the body lines of the second gen. Once you have seen you can't unsee it.


One piece:



Two piece:



The two piece matches the crease between the hood and fender.

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