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Outback swap questions ??

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So I recently sold my LGT an I'm missing the boosted life so I'm looking to purchase a 2005 outback xt MT but will new a motor. So my question would be how hard would it be to swap out a spec b engine an transmission since their one in local junk yard or would it be better to do a sti swap?

What else will I need to make this swap possible other then the engine and transmission.


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I don't want to seem like "that guy", but this is enough of a loaded question for me to say: please do a search. You'll find a LOT more info from doing a search than you'd get from even half a dozen experienced individuals replying here. The 6mt swap has been performed numerous times.


As for the motor... a junkyard find is a massive risk on these cars so beware, and you'll be better off with a legacy GT/outback XT engine. Also keep in mind the compression ratio difference between the EJ257/B25 blocks and the EJ255/D25 units. You may need a re-tune.

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It all comes down to how complicated to you want to get and how much time and money do you want to spend.


Everything you would need to do the swap is there {Theoretically }. Its a question of weather you trust a junkyard motor/transmission.


I have owned three 5-speed WRX and a bugeye with a 6-speed swap. I absolutely loved the transmission and would do it to an outback if I had the mechanical knowledge to to it and maintain it or own a third car. I lucked out with the bugeye and never had an issue, but the guy I bought it from was referred to me as very knowledgeable and make sure all the kinks were worked out.

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