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VF46 CHRA in VF40 housing?

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Looking at changing out the CHRA in my VF40 since the banjo bolt filter has given it some play.


I'm curious if the VF46 CHRA will fit in my VF40 housing. Has anyone ever done this? Maybe this is a stupid question, maybe it isn't.


Site here says the 46 CHRA cannot be put in the 40 housing since the 46 has a 2mm shorter exducer. But It would make sense to me the other would fit since there is enough clearance.


I'll probably end up buying one for a VF40, but doing all this got me curious.

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The seal Plates are way different, seal plate is what mounts the CHRA to the compressor housing. Thus you would need a new compressor housing to use that CHRA.




I would go with a VF40 CHRA and not worry about it.

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VF46 and VF40 are virtually the same performance. VF46 is much larger diameter compressor housing with a smaller internal boost passage. If you were to A/B test the two with everything being equal, you wouldn't feel much, if any difference. The VF46 might spool 100 rpm sooner, but all across the board, they are equal.
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