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TY856WVBAA 6MT for 2005 Subaru 3.0R - Shifter bushes ?


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Did a quick search and have watched some YouTube clips but was trying to find out some information specific to the TY856WVBAA transmission.


Anyone out there got any recommendations on what needs replacing when the stick gets a bit sloppy ? looks like everything on this is done from under the car. cannot find an exploded view on the net anywhere. Seen some pics on the complete trans sitting on the floor, looks like it has the universal type joint going into the box and a separate bar with even more bushes ?


I must have 25mm of travel doing nothing from left to right in neutral. Can still drive the car no problem but the gearbox feels as loose as.


If anyone has links or an exploded diagram they could post up it would be great or bits they have purchased on e-Bay or the like that have been great.


I have some Nolathane I can machine up in a lathe that can be used to replace some of the types used in the youtube clips.

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AFAIK, all Subaru 6-speeds starting with TY856 have a similar shifting mechanism.


This diagram may be close to what you are looking for.


Sloppy linkages can be due to soft rubber bushings. Bushing kits are available to replace these with harder polyurethane versions from companies like Kartboy, Cobb, Perrin, etc. Some companies also offer short-throw shifter kits that fit the 6MT. Here in the U.S. those are mainly sold for WRX STIs.


You can find plenty of install videos on Youtube for STI 6MT shifter bushings, usually accompanied by horrible music.





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I have the JDM version of the car, this was never imported to NZ in this spec. It had the best of everything fitted.


From inside the car the shifter looks totally different to anything I have seen when you take the boot off.


I'm going to have to get under the car to see whats going on, there was no linkages visible top side.


Will post some pictures here to help anyone else with this issue when I do the job.

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It looks like my trans is this.




So it looks like plenty of options on E-Bay to replace parts 35035C which typically becomes two parts as the material is too hard to push through to the other side as a one part and also 35036 which is also available as Polyurethane or other materials.


Now Subaru inform me that part 1 is all they ever replace which is 35035D or G. I really hate Subaru part number because this is not the complete number so it could be 35035AG030 I'm picking.


No way I'm putting just a bit of plastic back in here, from a bit of searching it looks like some people have used a metal option so more than likely I will make up some perfect fit bushes from plain bearing metal on the lathe as a replacement.


Some fancy versions here...



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Finally got round to fitting these today.


Se the separate write up. I hope this helps some people. Its looks harder than it is you just need to keep pulling bits off from inside and under the car.


get yourself a new M8 x 1.5mm x 60mm bolt as its easier to hacksaw off the factory one. Replaced it with a quality high tensile chrome machine screw but through from the opposite direction. Maybe I was unlucky as my bolt was put in the opposite way round to the exploded view above.

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additional information.
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