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Replaced VB, OIL ON GROUND, Hard shifts

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2008 LGT 5EAT had a P0700 - turbine speed sensor 2 fault.


At the suggestions of others, replaced the valve body with a used but functioning VB from an 09. When removing the old VB, measured 5.5 liters of ATF when I dumped the pan and VB but a bunch got on the floor...


Refilled it gradually while testing the level in hot and cold looked low so gradually added 1.5 more at a time. Total refill is 7.5 quarts in car.


Didn't clear the CEL or reprogram the TCU at all and did some gear cycling - P/R/N/D and did some light driving. Had significant lag in shifts and between 2-3 some hard shifts.


Drove around 30 miles with the hard shifts with uncleared CEL or TCU - don't have a vagcom with FreeSSm to clear the TCU and didn't want to clear the CEL quite yet. Car got through all gears just shifted hard.



Got home last night, this AM, fresh puddle of ATF on the floor. I was sure to torque on the pan close to spec, ie, Not overtighten.



- Did I overfill my levels and thats why there's a puddle? My cold level says over 'hot/high'.

- Hardshifts due to reprogramming issues or did I install a bonk VB?

- Unable to drain more fluid since I'm not at my garage, can I drive another 10 miles to local shop or advised to tow?

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It does sound like it's overfill but that shouldn't cause a leak in itself.

Hard shifting will most likely be resolved by clearing the TCU memory with FreeSSM

If it is still overfill then it will be ok to drive. I would start the car up first and check no fluid is coming out anywhere.


Couple of questions.

What type of ATF fluid are you using?

Are you checking the dipstick on a level surface. I find mine shows WAY overfill as my car is on a slight lean towards the dipstick side of the car (passenger side on a JDM model)

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