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Trunk Button Pushed Into Dash

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Havn't found a thread for this problem. Anyone have a diagram or something for how to disassemble this panel to get the damn button back in place? Also I didnt push it hard whatsoever. Thanks in advance.


2015 Subaru Legacy Premium 2.5i


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Its probably the plastic clip that holds it in place that is either broken or out of shape. Take the panel out and see what is going on. See what you find and go from there.

Since you have all those empty slots, you may be able to just relocate it to another slot and be done with it.

It the piece that is broken / bent is on the switch itself, then super glue is your friend. Use less than a drop, or it will make a white mark everywhere it leaks.


The triangle looking panel on the left side is held by 4 clips. use a trim removal tool and that will pop right out giving you access to a screw. Remove that and then pop out the clips on the lower kick panel and the lower dash pops out.

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I was hoping for a diagram but your information should be all I need, a starting point. I didn't think about using the other vents if the clip was broken. Thanks!


I didn't take pictures when I removed coz there were a bunch already on the site for the dash cam install. Its pretty straight forward. If you have done any trim removal on any car, you'll be fine. Use the pdf above. And this link has some actual pictures (from a different gen, but pretty similar).



On the right end of the dash panel, there is a cable bundle that is attached to the panel with a clip (not sure what it is, could be the temperature and humidity sensor for the HVAC). It was a bit tricky to unclip that to completely take that panel out. Just be patient.

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