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Possible New Subaru Owner


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Hi all..possible new Legacy owner here. I went to my local dealer recently and test drove an 18 Legacy and really liked it. I'm comiing from a Mazda 3 so of course the Legacy was a lot roomier. :)

How does the remote start work? I know about the engine having to be restarted, etc..but can you use both the normal FOB as well as the separate (more powerful 400 feet) FOB to start it?


I will say I am not a big car guy so for me as long as it drives smooth, isn't too loud and is comfortable I'm pretty okay. That being said- how are Subarus in general from a maintenance stand point? Do they last a while if you keep up with the regular maintenance? My Mazda is almost 14 years old and is now just starting to show it's old age.



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I have the remote starter on my Outback. It reaches well over 400 feet for me. Love it. I don’t have a built in one... had to get it as an option.


I have owned two Subaru’s now. The only thing I’ve had to do is regular expected maintenance. Love these cars. Change the oil on time is rule number one.

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