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Touch up paint for my new Legacy - already???


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I've got to touchup the paint in a couple of spots on my new 2017 Legacy.

While taking a 50 lb suitcase out of the trunk, I slid it across the rear bumper so I (having back issues, and my wife whose back isn't much better) wouldn't need to lift it out. We're both retired.


Anyway, in my anxiousness to get all the suitcase into the house (we just got back from an 8 hr plane trip from CA to CT and being 4:00 AM) I slid it too aggressively and chipped two tiny spots on the bumper. My 2004 Forester had a rubber bumper cover on the bumper, this one doesn't (for now).


So to make a long story short(ha ha), should I buy the touchup paint from my dealer? or from someplace on the web? And if on the web, does anyone have any place they can recommend?


The dealer should have the best match I would guess.


Should I get it from the dealer or do websites that sell touchup paint match it correctly?




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