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starts but wont stay running after HG job

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Hey everyone! I am thoroughly stumped! I KNOW I KNOW its a forester but no one has been able to offer any help so hopefully you guys can:)


I received this 99 forester with a blow HG, it sat for 2-3 months before being worked on.

No major hiccups in disassembly/reassembly.

Now that its all back together it starts right up the first time but will only run for a few seconds then shuts off ( while pumping out white smoke). You can keep it running with the pedal but the second you stop giving it gas it dies immediately.

What I do know is;


No codes thrown on Boshc reader

Spark is good

Compression good

All vac lines connected/airbox fully assembled

All vac lines replaced besides the large diameter Y shape hose between PCV/airbox and valve cover breathers

Fuel rails, pressure regulator and injectors cleaned by hand

New fuel pump

Fuel filter not replaced because fuel flows steadily out

Fuel pressure solenoid switched with one that works(wrong name? ( green cylinder with prongs under drivers side dash by left knee)

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IACV is either dirty, defective, or not hooked up. If it's not hooked up, it'll exhibit the exact symptoms you described. I made that rookie mistake of forgetting to hook it up the first time I rebuilt an EJ.
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