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Need to buy a reliable winter beater ASAP...


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Im hoping to spend 2000 or less. Im in So. Maine but will be down in MA this weekend and probably next.


Id like it to be decent mileage and good running. I really dont care what kind of car it is but no caravans. 4WD would be cool, a pickup would be the perfect solution. I work outside and as the winter is approaching I dont want to have my LGT on the unplowed streets with me..


I'll consider anything! Also, I would be willing to trade my SSR GT7's gunmetal grey 17x7.5 with Avon M550 225/45/17 tires. They have less than 2000 miles total and are in perfect condition.

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uncle henrys man.


You have a vast array of winter beaterage. I bought a $600 impreza wagon 5spd last winter and it's still goin strong with 4 rallycrosses so far. 222,000 miles and just broken in


And if you arent aleady you need to come on over




Im picking up the new copy tomorrow morning... I love Uncle Henry's! Lots of crap for cheap money.


I was hoping that a local member may have something kicking around that they were looking to unload.

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