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2009 Subaru Legacy Outback 2.0D


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New setup on the Outback. :)


After being lowered on the KW V2 coilovers for 3,5 years, I needed my car to be a little more practical in regards to ground clearance and towing trailers etc.

Considered selling it and getting something else, but decided to lift it instead.

It's sitting on BFG KO2s 215/75-15. Wheels are Black Rhino Rumble 15x7 ET15.

Lift is nothing crazy, just 30 mm strut spacers in the front, and 40 mm strut spacers in the back. :)













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So your brakes cleared 15" rims then? Or did you change rotors?



Also, where did your rear wiper go? :)



Looking good. I envy the low end torque you have. Must be great when doing light offroad stuff.


The rims are "offroad spec", and designed to clear brakes. The Black Rhino wheels are a popular choice for Subarus, and from what I understand they clear most brakes up to 300 mm diameter. Including WRX, but not STI.


Rear wiper has been deleted, it was one of the first mods I did. :)


Oh also, can you show close-up pix of your hitch?


Sure, I'll take some pictures some day. It's a detachable tow bar, delivered on the car as an OEM option. Manufacturer of it is AL-KO.

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Takk for the pictures. Do you have a link to the manufacturer for this hitch? It looks nicely tucked in, not like the options we have here. I hate my 2in hitch. Keeps hitting stuff.


The manufacturer is AL-KO.



Though I can't find this exact hitch on their site.


When googling, I find this used one for instance:



Part number seems to be SBL 58 N-1.

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Huh, this is an interesting design. It looks like in order to install it, you need to remove the rear bumper cover metal brackets. Once the hitch is installed, the rear bumper beam is then bolted on it. Much more involved installation than the USDM version. But the advantage you get is that the hitch does not hang as low as ours.

And I can also tell there are additional mounting points between the hitch and the car frame.

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