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Official Lowered Outback Thread V2


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Looking real good Cruisemobile2!!!


Thanks bro!


We still here. Sitting at 319k miles now. Going in for timing belt, water pump, oil pump, valve cover gaskets, and wheel bearing replacements very soon. :)



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She's all cleaned up from the epic winter we've had. Still got to get the Blizzaks swapped out. But some work was done to it recently.


Currently sitting on:

- Koni Yellow's all around

- Rallitek Springs

- Whiteline Comp-C Tophats

- 1" rear spacer, 1/4" front spacer

- Negative 2.5 Front Camber

- Negative 2.0 Rear Camber

- Timing Belt Service Done

- New OEM WRX Flywheel & Clutch


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new all season wheeel set

rota grid 17x7.5 ET 45

goodyear 4season G2 225/50r17


these tires are really good in the wet & cold

not bad at all for spring season, wet and dry,

did not use them on the snow nor in hot & dry

they are also quite



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Whudda you guys think? Should I lower her?


She goes by Nancy. Right now she's not so fancy. But I'd like her to be :lol:


Open to suggestions.


A local guy is selling legacy Isc coilovers for $350. Or eBay bilstein struts and springs. Or I seem to be reading a lot about konis. We'll see.


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Looking for some advice here. I have two 08 OBXT's and I feel the need to lower one after reading through this thread and V1. What are peoples thoughts on doing a full spec B conversion? There are two for sale near me with blown motors that would be ideal donors.
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are you starting with a manual trans car? the auto to manual swap is lots and lots of work to do correctly. 5mt to 6mt is straight forward, as long as you have all the parts there.


be an awesome swap if you can get them for a good price. the Spec B does have some parts that are unique to the Spec B. personally i'd swap as much as from the Spec B as possible, except the rear springs. grab some LGT wagon rear springs, then you don't need the strut spacers for the rear.

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the rears need rolled, they just barely rub with 3 people in it on big bumps, but no other rub. i'm running a 15mm adapter (instead of the usual 25mm) which doesn't push the tire out as far. the 245mm tire on the 8.5" wheels fills the fenders pretty well.


so what offset are your wheels with the spacers? im not sure what stock sti wheel offset is...50 or 55? I wish i could pull myself to run 245/40. Seems like that would work the engine a bit harder on highway cruising. Might have to settle for a 225/50 or so on 18s. Maybe a 235...

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