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Cleaning headlamps on '98 GT


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The headlamps on my '98 Legacy GT are very "fuzzy" or cloudy looking, and it appears that moisture has taken its toll on them. The result, I'm sure, is decreased night time vision. I have noticed many other Legacies of this generation with the same problem.


When I inquired with my dealer of the cost to clean the headlights, he basically told me that it would be out of sight.


Has anyone of you found a way to clean the insides of your headlamps?


Does anyone know whether a HID/xenon kit with new lamps is also possible for this car?



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Give this a try - it worked great on my old DSMs:




In his referenced thread, you can see how awesomely this worked in his before/after pictures.


Although this was not the *exact* steps I took to restore my lenses, the steps are comparable and very, very similar.

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