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POLL: Wif or Wifout?

Guest *Jedimaster*

2.5 XT on teh Jedi wagon?  

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  1. 1. 2.5 XT on teh Jedi wagon?

    • Yes, it's seriously cool
    • No, be serious

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Guest *Jedimaster*

So I kind of want to add a little flair (not the kind in Office Space) to the side of my car. I'm thinking I'd like a set of "2.5 XT" badges on the front doors- what do you think of that idea?







Not as stock:



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You do know that 17 pieces of flair is the bare minimum.

In a car comparison a few months ago in C&D they were looking at $40,000 performace sedans - the Volvo S60 R was one of them. I believe that they counted close to 20 places where the "R" badge was. So, I say go for it - it looks cool.

By the way, where are you getting the extra 2.5XT badges?

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Guest *Jedimaster*

I thought I uploaded the smaller pix- sorry about that. I'm thinking about going for the stock badges form a dealer- there was one on here looking into it for me, but they disappeared on me. I also looked at the youremblem.com site, and for the money, I'd go for the stock badges that match as far as font style goes.


I think I'm gonna go for the wif option. Not lowering it- I bought it for the higher ride height and I'm past the age that I'm worried about the dreaded fender gap. Also, no tint- I always wind up scratching it.

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