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2007 spec.B won't stay in 6th

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The other day during a long drive, the shift lever just popped out of 6th gear while cruising down the highway.


What would cause this? The gear feels like it engages fine, and drives fine until it just popped out. The car is at 135,000 miles, and the transmission fluid was changed with Subaru Extra S at about 80,000 miles.



MODS: PW TMIC, Cobb catted DP, HKS cat-back, AVO filter, Bren e-tune; Konis/Epics, Advan RCII
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Yes, a pop out is generally a sign of a worn synchro.


With 55k on the fluid, I'd definitely start there. I'd recommend 2qt of Redline Lightweight Shock Proof and top off with Motul 75w-90.

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You can try that cocktail of fluid, but the fluid should be changed every 30,000 miles in these cars.


Motul Gear 300 is the best out there currently.

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