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headliner removal info.

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Does anyone have a diagram of rear headliner on a 15-17 Outback? I need to lower the rear from the back down a little. Can t find all the clips etc and don t want to just start pulling on things. I have searched other places but I do like this subi site the best and hope someone has the info... Thanks.
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the service manual wants you to remove the covers over the pillars, all of the hand holds, etc. to get it off. I would guess if you are just pulling the rear down a bit to do something, you just need to remove the stuff inside the rear doors, and the c/d pillar trim - then it's a series of three plastic clips on the end of the headliner (similar setup to what I worked with on my 5th gen Legacy when I swapped out the antenna)


Picture is for the '15 outback - three clips are right at the back rear edge


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I got the antenna off.

1. rear cargo light pops out.

2. rear pillars post by hatch door pop out.

3. trim along top of rear window has one push pin at the rear and then pop out clips.

4. three pop clips along rear of headliner.

This gave me enough to drop it down and reach in to the antenna nut and wire clip.

Thanks. Glad I didn t need to remove any further ..

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