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Broken Woodruff Key and Slot

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Hi all,


New to posting. I have a 1993 Subaru Legacy.


Recently the brake light and battery light came on. Thinking it was the alternator, I opened the hood.

Instead, I found a wobbly harmonic balancer. I tightened the bolt as much as possible, hoping it would keep the balancer on and spinning but it did not. I removed the bolt and balancer and found a broken woodruff key (my best guess is the previous owner didn't tighten the bolt to specs after replacing the timing belt).

I am planning to replace the old harmonic balancer with a new one. Ideally, I would remove the crankshaft sprocket, replace the key then slide the sprocket back (without disturbing the timing belt), but with a partially broken key in the slot holding the sprocket in place, simply sliding it out doesn't seem like an option.

Any proposed solutions?

One last note, it has the original engine with 114K miles, so hopefully what ever fix is possible will allow the car to last. Thanks all.




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