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Average Bros Media - Follow My Builds!

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What's up everyone! Over the past couple of months my brother and I have been working on a YouTube channel focused around automotive content that showcases our builds through part installs/how to videos, highlights local cars with full reviews, covers local car meets, and a video series for a road rally we're partaking in next month through California and Nevada. The idea was to take our love of cars and videography and find a way to enjoy both more often. We've stacked a ton of content and finally are getting everything up and running. I'd love to have the LGT community follow the builds through the channel as well, so subscribe through the link below!




Here's a short teaser until our first full video goes live this Friday:



Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfb2XULWTd9Z92vJDaXw68A


You can also follow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/averagebrosmedia/


Thank you for your support in advance!

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what camera set up did you use?? looked so crisp


Woyshnis Media shot that intro clip and he was using a Canon 5D mark IV, it is an insane camera!


Funny you should comment on this thread, your wagon was one that inspired a lot of the ideas I have had for my car. My jaw was on the floor when I came across your car some five years ago when I first bought my car.

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