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Transmission swap

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So my little brother just bought a little subaru for 200$ with a blown transmission. We figured we would just use the 5 speed out of my parts car to replace the blown automatic.


Before we tear into it I wanted to double check interchangability. My dad and i planned on dropping the transmission, driveline, differential, and axles, clutch pedal assembly, and the mechanical clutch cable as well as switching the ecu.


This is what I'm worried about, his is a 95 legacy ls so the 2.2 sohc, my parts car is a 98 legacy gt, 2.5 dohc. I stole my engine out of that parts car but gave him the rest, is the 98 2.5 gt ecu going to have issues running a 95 2.2 engine? Also am I missing anything we would need to swap over to make his little 95 get on the road

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No need to swap the ECU...'95ish-'98 used the same for AT and 5speed....if you follow the online (search) swap threads you'll read this.


The '98 GT is a 4.11 FD ratio, which should match the '95 4EAT's.


All 2.5 Subarus have a hydraulic clutch....but, Yes, you can convert to a cable/mech clutch...if that's what I read....but you'll need a matching pedal set, i believe...and there's a few other gotchas.


As '95 was a transition year for Subaru to OBDII/2 diagnostics, the '98 ECU may not run the car right/well...regardless of the EGR....but the engine's are swappable.


Tangent: '95 EJ22 from an Automatic car has EGR , is Dual-port exhaust, and the best/easiest swap for the '96-'99 EJ25 HG>blown engine issues.




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Thank you for the info on that one. I'm actually taking the engine and building it back up as a spare but he is taking the tranny. So based on what your saying we don't need to change anything other than the transmission itself? Gear ratios and everything line up perfectly?
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