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Dead Suby, Injector circuit low voltage

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My 99 SUS with 2.5 died last week and I need help with figuring the solution. What happened, was driving through town and came up to a stop sign, it sputtered and died but it started when I cranked on it. Took off and made it about 100 yards and it lost all power and died. It cranked fine and almost started but never came back to life. Pulled it home and now want to get it working for my daughter.


The codes it has are: P0261, P0264, P0267, P0270, P0505.


I have done some searching and it appears to be electrical but I am curious if the timing belt could have broke or something else mechanical which causes these codes. Any advise where to start?


I am on a budget and don't want buy some parts that aren't solving my issue.


Thanks - Ken

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First off, your posting a second gen question in the third gen forum. The 99 is actually a 2nd gen, the forums report 99 is a 3rd, but that's only true in Japan.


Second, With all these codes, it looks like a major issue, but the one thing that jumps out at me is the P0505 code and your reported symptoms. P0505 is an IACV System Malfunction. The IACV is connected by a very large hose (about 2 inches in diameter) to the air tube. If that hose comes off, the car will cease to run more than 2 or 3 seconds. It will buck and act like the timing is off and may even backfire. Rookie mistake I made the first time I had my engine out of the car and put it back in. The IACV is labeled number 3 in this picture:


Check to make sure that hose is attached and doesn't have any breaks, cracks, and/or tears in it. Also check the wiring to the IACV to make sure its clean and not corroded. If the hose and connector is good and connected, the IACV could be very dirty.


To clean it, get the car started and run it at about 2500-3000 rpm and pull the hose off the air tube for the IACV and use a funnel to pour seafoam into the IACV. Run through a good half can and take it for a drive.


Last, the injector issue sounds like a charging system issue. If the charging system falls below 11v the ECU cannot function properly. Have you had the battery/alternator tested?

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Thanks for the reply. I have checked the hoses and at first appearance, all looks as normal. I have confirmed it is pumping fuel normally and has spark. When it cranks, it sounds fine and acts like it wants to fire but it will not.

I took off the passenger side timing cover and that looks normal. Planning to check the other side then hand crank things to make sure the timing belts are aligned.

After that, I will take the IAC apart and clean it and put it together. Somewhere along the line, I will check the battery but it would not start with it jumped - just cranks faster with heavy gas smell. And, I have cleared our the codes. Is there a chance a relay is out?


Thanks, again for the reply, I appreciate your sharing.

Will update the thread when I make any headway.



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Had a break through today!

I talked to the local subaru shop and they had me turn off the factory security system and try starting it. Which it DID! Now it is blowing white smoke - which I hope is a remnant of the carb cleaner used on the IAC when I took it out. Maybe the gasket is leaking? I will look into it soon. But it lives!!!


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This should be my final post for this issue.


I think the original issues was a fuel vapor lock and it road-killed the vehicle. Grinding on it took the battery down and had to remove it to get it charged which it still didn't start when put back together. Took the IAC out, cleaned it and replaced the fuel filter. It wouldn't start but turned over fine. It was confusing me as it had fuel, spark, and engine rotation. Took some advise from an expert over the phone which lead to the solution. Following the instructions in the owners manual, turned off the factory security system and turn it back on. It started as normal.


If you learned something from my experience, that is the power of these blog sites and I am happy for you.


Good Luck - KenO

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