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Master cylinder brace

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Yes there are a few on grimmspeed.


Master Cylinder Brace - 08-14 WRX/08-13STI, 07-09 Legacy (VDC), 09-12 Forester


Master Cylinder Brace - Subaru 93-07 Impreza / 05-06 Saab 92-X/94-99 Legacy/ 03-08 Forester/Baja


Master Cylinder Brace - Subaru Legacy GT '05-mid '07 NON VDC


Sadly none of these are for a 2009 subaru Legacy gt 5MT. Since the manual transmissions do not have VDC from what I read here on the forms.


I wasn't sure if some one found one to work any way with a slight modification or none at all.

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Sorry for being a bit vague on info. Contact them and ask for their option on this. Surely they have had it come up in the past and could lead you in the right direction
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No worries.


Chatted with one of them a day or two ago. They recommended buying the '05-mid '07 NON VDC. If it didn't fit they would send a return label, and I'd get my money back I suppose.


Was hoping someone here was like " yea buy such and such and drill an extra hole here,boom, your good"


Wasn't trying to be the guinea pig.

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Fyi it works!!! And yes instant difference.


I ended up getting the master Cylinder Brace - Subaru Legacy GT '05-mid '07 NON VDC. There are two bracket bolts the instructions yak about from Grimm speed that my 09 LGT 5MT didn't have. But bolting it to all possible places into the side firewall held it strong. The bracket for the fuel line filters and an electrical wire share a bolting location for the brace. I was able to get these to share one bolt hole instead of two, but could have gotten both by grinding down each individual bracket.



End of day, it works. Exactly what I was looking for to fix the squishy brakes.

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