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DAM and FNL all ovver the place


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I just briefly looked through your logs and the 'AF Learning' column shows pretty high values. These refer to the four 'learned values' shown in the screenshot on post#6 of this thread. As previously said, these values should be within +/-5%. Yours go as high as 11.72% (max is 15%). You also need to log 'AF Correction' so we can see how much fuel the ECU is trying to add/remove on top of what he has learned to add/remove already.


Anyway, as I said before, positive values mean you are running lean---ECU measured X amount of air but actually X+Y entered the combustion chamber. Therefore, the ECU is trying to compensate by adding the appropriate amount of fuel. This could be caused by a vaccum leak (and possibly a poor tune too). And running lean potentially increases the likelihood of knock.


What kind of air intake do you have?

K+n stock air box...Never reoiled filter and cleaned maf the other day...I will log again with af-correction tonight...next HR or so...thank you for doing this


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ok got a couple logs...seems i get the highest values in AF learn when im just putting around...if i give it 20% or more throttle it seems to drop to 8 or 9 from 11 or 12....Also i have had a nipple on my gas tank rust off and am waiting to have that replaced...IDK if that would affect me being lean...Also would i benefit flashing the stage 1 91 tune WITH the cobb intake? just because i have K+N....Thanks again


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Just looked at it again and failed to find the AF correction column. In any case, your AF learning values are still high. Some of them actually increased a bit (peak at 12.5%). And you do have several FLKC values (Fine Knock column). If the ECU registers more of these, then it will decrease your IAM/DAM.


The K/N panel filter could in fact be partially to blame for these AF learned values.


But still, I would strongly suggest to first get rid of all your leaks, then get a proper tune from, say, tuningalliance. It'll be better.

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