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Eyesight video recording?

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Guys, I have been wondering this for some time now....Does anyone know if the eyesight system stores video? Example being...in the event of airbag deployment, can the video of the incident be recovered through the permanent "dash cams" installed in our vehicles?
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From the EyeSight manual:




EyeSight records and stores the following data when the Pre-Collision

Braking System is operated. It does not record conversations or other

audio data.

- Stereo camera image data

- Distance from the vehicle in front

- Vehicle speed

- Steering wheel turning angle

- Lateral movement with regard to the direction of travel

- Accelerator pedal operation status

- Brake pedal operation status

- Select lever position

- Odometer reading

- Data related to ABS, Vehicle Dynamics Control and Traction Control


SUBARU and third parties contracted by SUBARU may acquire and use

the recorded data for the purpose of vehicle research and development.

SUBARU and third parties contracted by SUBARU will not disclose or

provide the acquired data to any other third party except under the following


• The vehicle owner has given his/her consent.

• The disclosure/provision is based on a court order or other legally

enforceable request.

• Data that has been modified so that the user and vehicle cannot be

identified is provided to a research institution for statistical processing

or similar purposes.


I can't say if the airbags go off without a pre-collision warning (e.g. t-boned) if it will record that data. But it does seem to store/log some amount of data under certain circumstances.

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