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total loss engine, decisions decisions...

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Hey all.

07 LGT 5EAT here. 86k miles

Looking for a sounding board.

Just lost my engine to a cracked oilpan, seized engine. insurance calling it a total loss.

I bought back the car as salvage but am debating whether or not I want to:

A. keep this thing running (repair with upgraded built shortblock) (4-8wks in shop) then deal with rebuilt title and enhanced inspection

B. Keep it in my driveway covered and use the money for a new lease or similar until I can throw more money and time into the car.

C. Basically part it out or sell it and say goodbye.


Repair/upgrade will be about 7k, which is pretty much what the car is worth aside from mods. I never really got into any cosmetic mods, but perhaps would down the road.


Current setup:

BNR TD05 20g turbo with upgraded wheel

IPT filtered oil line

Upgraded transmission valve body ( hexmods)

K&N typhoon CAI intake

Racer X FMIC


DW65C fuel pump

DW 750cc injectors

SPT Catback exhaust

CNT catted downpipe

GS crosspipe


GS uppipe with EWG

Killer B oil pickup

IAG Air Oil Separator

Perrin Turbo inlet


tuned at 20psi, 360tq / 325hp


The car is is pretty nice condition, good miles for the year.

Aside from performance parts how much yall spending to take the cosmetics and interior to another level? Just leased my wife a 2017 mazda and getting the new car itch.

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I would say there are a couple ways at looking at it.


1. if you love the car than fixing it to keep it going is probably the way to go.

2. If you are wanting a new car and are thinking of leasing or getting a loan to get one. You could potentially get a new STI or something like that.

3. Parting it out would likely get your money back and then some.

4. Parking it and waiting would result in you likely either hating having it in the driveway or getting the itch back to fix it up again.


IMO I would probably part it out as it seems you have some awesome parts there and then get a newer car. Only reason I am saying this is that rebuilt titles absolutely suck for resale.


That all probably didnt help lol. Where are you located? If you part it out I might want some stuff lol

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What type of cosmetics are we talking about? Jdm swap? What are you thinking for interior? The sky is the limit in terms of cosmetics really. Do you need to do any paint work?



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Well im still sort of brooding over an incident in maybe 2008/9 where a parking garage messed up my front fender, made a deal to fix it with their guy for a large amount of free parking and the dude ended up ruining my entire car's clearcoat and the fender still isnt seated perfectly. So yeah, paint would be nice but i had like a 5k quote. Thought about dipping the whole car with one of the more expensive plastidip or similar products but worried itd just get dinged up again.



btw if anyone looks at my mod list and has any advice for the rebuild and potential power based on experience im all ears as well.

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These are not investment vehicles so I wouldn't put a whole lot of concern into my return if I were having it repaired. If the sentimental value is there, just fix it and be merry.


As far as covering it in the driveway, unless you're going to put the effort into properly mothballing it, letting it sit in the driveway for months on end is only going to cause more headache.


I will say, with a popped engine, I'm more curious as to why you'd put a claim into insurance only to buy it back with a salvage title. Coulda kept a clean title and simply fixed the engine.

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If you fix it don't let your non car friends no.. they will be forever asking you why? And why don't you just sell it type of questions.. Trust me I still get it and this is with me 95% done.. They just will never understand..
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If your turbo and other engine parts are still good, a new ej257 short block and gasket set is about $2200. Have your heads rebuilt use ARP head studs, have the machine shop give you back a long block with timing belt installed.


I have been enjoying my ej257 for over 90,000 miles now.


Read my clcik here link in my sig.

305,600miles 5/2012 ej257 short block, 8/2011 installed VF52 turbo, @20.8psi, 280whp, 300ftlbs. (SOLD).  CHECK your oil, these cars use it.


Engine Build - Click Here

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