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Clunky/Loud/Makes me cringe Steering

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Hey everyone,



So this has been going on for a few months, but I haven't been home enough to address the issue (laziness)... This is hard to explain lol... Pretty much whenever I'm at parking lot speeds, the steering wheel starts jerking when turning, opposing the way I'm turning it. It almost feels like it's bouncing off of something, and I get this terrible clunking noise in the front end with every jerk in the wheel (this happens when turning left or right). Once I'm up over ~5km it's fine, it's only happening when I'm pulling out of the driveway or anything that slow. Making me think like it's not a power steering problem because it would be noticeable when driving at any speeds? Just looking for any suggestions where to start poking around when I make it out of the arctic...




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Easiest things to check are condition and level of your fluid as well as condition and tension of your belt that turns the PS pump. Steering rack could be on it's way out, tie rods might be worn out, rack bushings might be shot, maybe ball joints are bouncing around and only noticible at slow (quiet) speeds.


Start with the easy stuff first. Next step is to have someone turn the wheel while you look at things underneath.

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