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Anyone with stock spoiler...


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...been brave enough to remove it and have the trunk filled and painted. I'm curious as to the size of the holes. I'm really wishing they had a clean decked sedan when I bought mine.... Ho Hum. Any Subaru parts people here with a price on a painted replacement trunk lid?
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I had it done, for $500. The holes apparently are filled in just fine (there're no indentations under the paint or clear coat). However, the quality of the sanding sucks under the paint, and I can see striations in certain light conditions. The clearcoat itself is smooth. There is a blob of paint on the forward edge of the paint. So the welds filling the bolt holes appear to be fine, but they did a crappy job of finishing and painting.


They have offered to resand and respray. I'll let you know how it turns out. This was done by Starcar of East Northport, NY. I cannot recommend them. BTW, they also resprayed my rear bumper, nicely, and removed pinstripes that the dealer put on my car before I bought it, for the $500 total. While at the shop, someone there dented the bottom edge of my driver's door (a tiny scratch, but wtf. They did not mention it when I picked up the car, and it wasn't noticed until I got home and really looked at my car). I'm a little tired of getting my car worked on and it getting scratched or mechanics getting grease on the taupe interior.


I don't think there's anything wrong or very hard about doing the spoiler removal/hole filling. You really need to know the quality of work from the particuliar body shop.


Prices seem to range from between $300-$700.

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