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Shaking Under Braking


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Hey all,


Put new rotors, pads, and passenger front wheel bearing last November, bedded the pads, and everything was hunky dory. No problems.


Got tires and alignment in February and shortly after that started getting subtle vibrations which got progressively worse. So I took it back to the alignment shop for check-up, they realigned it, and resurfaced the front rotors. Problem went away for maybe a few weeks but is now back and worse than ever. Steering wheel shakes left to right under braking.


Do I need new rotors and pads? Is this a sign of a bigger problem? No noises while turning so I'm thinking it is definitely brake related. They are CENTRIC rotors and pads.

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moved to braking section. There's loads of threads on this topic in the 4th Gen section, please do a search or just simply peruse the list of recent thread activity.

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Not sure if you found a solution but I had the same issue with my car and it turned out the slider pins had seized, just as you suspect. Ended up replacing both front calipers, vibrations gone. Check the boots on the calipers, should at least narrow it down.


Where are you located? My car had spent its entire life in western PA and Cleveland, Ohio

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It took me a few weekends to find the time but I managed to get the driver's front caliper replaced and this has since fixed my problem.


Immediately after replacing the caliper and doing a bleed, there was still some steering wheel shake but minor compared to before. Did a few bed ins and regular driving and the shake was gone.


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