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Transmission Compatibility Issue

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Ok, I am in need of some serious help, and the sooner the better. The story is, my 96 LS wagon is in the shop for a transmission swap. Slipping in all gears all that fun stuff. It was cheaper to swap the whole transmission than to rebuild the one that is in it.

Now we come to the problem. Shop used the VIN to order the transmission to make sure that they got the right one, it came in yesterday and when trying to install it today an issue arose. Mechanic is saying to make it work, the replacement will still have to be broke down and have the torque converter swapped because the wrong one is installed.

It was my understanding that any 4eat from 96-02 was pretty much a drop in. I am waiting to here back again from the mechanic to see exactly what the issue is before I do anything else.

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Turns out the connection on the torque converter is too long.


The shop needs to make sure they pull the oil pump drive shaft sleeve and attach it to the torque converter before putting the torque converter into the transmission. The sleeve has a circlip that is very to damage and if damaged, will prevent the torque converter from going all the way into the transmission.


Here is some pictures of what it looks like:




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