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Battery Light Flickering 2013 Legacy

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I have a 2013 6spd manual legacy with aftermarket HID lights. I've been noticing that the battery light on the dash will flicker on and off while shifting. Ran tests on the alternator as well as current battery and both passed. Any ideas on what could be causing the light to be flickering? Should I be concerned with this?
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Put your stock bulbs back in the car and see what happens. People have had issues installing led brake light bulbs, so aftermarket hid's could be the culprit. CanBus systems are not fond of voltage irregularities.


If it started right after you installed the hid's then I think there's a good chance they are the problem. Perhaps you can provide us with more info. If you have a multimeter handy, check voltage at:


Idle with no loads

Rev to 2k with no loads

Idle, loaded (hvac on full blast, high beams on, radio)

Rev to 2k, loaded

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