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Cat-less turbo

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My 2005 LGT A/T wagon has 125k miles and runs very well. I have read on this forum about eliminating the Cat on the turbo intake - this seems like a great idea. I've also read that an STI or WRX pipe will fit fine. Is it model-year specific? How does this affect the emissions? Is there a workaround to prevent engine codes?


My mechanic has worked on the car since it was new, and is good, but doesn't do mods, etc., so I have to do the homework for him and help get the correct parts. He too thinks this would be a good idea, as long as the car will still pass emissions testing.


I apologize if this is an old subject, but so is the car...




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About the exhaust emissions...


The uppipe cat is known as a light-off catalytic converter. It is intended to get hot quickly and catch emissions when the engine is started cold. So, there may be a slight increase in emissions at startup time, but after that it does not make much difference, if any. Subaru ditched this design after 2006 and went with an air injection pump instead.


Since this uppipe cat could cause serious damage downstream, especially as the car is getting old, don't hesitate to get rid of it.

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