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Shock replacement issue

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Hey guys,

My shocks are due for replacement but the blistein shocks are out of stock at the Subaru dealership till September and can't seem to find them anywhere else. What's a perfect alternative to blistein shocks? I was told to try out kyb, but I fear coz the shaft isn't as thick as the blistein stock shocks. Are there kyb shocks with a shaft the size of blisteins( if so let me know so that I can request for that at the garage) What should I do? 08 Legacy gt.

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If you have stock Legacy GT springs, the Bilstein B6 should be a good match. If you have lowering springs, the Bilstein B8 are made for that.


These shocks ride a bit firmer than the stock Spec-B shocks.


Here we can order them online from several different vendors.

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