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Peeling clear coat

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On my outside A pillar on the passenger side, I notice an almost snakeskin shedding look on the paint. It's like a clearish film peeling off on top of the paint. Could this be from a prior wax job or is it the clear coat peeling? If I get my car professionally claybared and waxed, will this help? What should I do so this doesn't get worse?
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It's hard to say without photos. I personally clay bar and wax my car. Snakeskin looks sounds possibly like clear coat... I don't think you would hurt it by trying a clay bar first. But try Meguires Step 1- paint cleaner. Try this locally in that area. Start easy and then give a little elbow grease/pressure as you rub it around. If this cleans it up, then polish, then wax.


Another option up front: body shops generally offer free estimates on work. Stop by 2-3 shops and get their opinion before doing anything.

If its ONLY the A-pillar, it may be a low cost job to have a shop re-spray just the A-pillar, assuming that the rest of the paint is in good shape and not faded, etc.



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It sounds like clear coat to me and its not that difficult to tidy up, especially in that area.


- Tidy up the area and remove the flaking clear.

- Wet sand with some super fine paper, you just want to knock the edge off the remaining clear.

- Grab a spray pack with some clear coat, mask and clean with paint prep then lay down some decently wet coats of clear.


It won't be perfect but it will definitely look nicer and will stop it from getting worse.


Word of warning though, the base coat on our cars is stupid thin - I barely looked at my paint with sandpaper in my hand and it basically removed the base coat. So take it REALLY easy with the sanding.


There's a few decent vids on youtube that should help you through.

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