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G-Force Karting Meet (10/30/05)


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Ladies and Gentlemen, this coming Sunday Oct 30th we are having a g-force get together for some karting action. This is the same group that meets up at the Innsbrook Starbucks on Friday night in Richmond VA. I’m inviting lots of different people from different car clubs so it’ll be an interesting mix of cars as usual. Come out and show off your driving skills.




G-Force Karts (http://www.gforcekarts.com/)





Oct 30th 2005


1pm – around 3pm


PS, please try to make it on time to the meet since there are usually quite a bit of people there on the weekends. We will start just after 1pm so people who want to race don’t have to spend too much time waiting.


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Wish i was closer to richmond, i'd love to go. I had my neighbors Cart out at the track this past weekend, had a blast racing it around.





Nice kart, yeah they are lots of fun.

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