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Tail light options

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So I've been in the market for something different with my taillights basically. I know there is the jdm option with the white instead of amber and I would love that but I can't find a set anywhere online, there's a ton for wagons but I have a 97 gt sedan. I just sort of want to know what my options are, some aftermarket taillights would be a good thing to kind of set the car off from the rest but don't want anything like that chrome B.S.


What are my options for taillights on a sedan and where could I find a set? What should or should I not look for? Any ideas to just change up the taillights? (Tried blacking them with nightshade for awhile but grew out of that quickly)

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Unfortunately, there are not real aftermarket options for the Legacy platform, which is why everyone turns to JDM parts.


If you provide the right search terms, you can find them pretty easy. The sedan wasn't too common in Japan (they love their wagons), but it was elsewhere, where it was known as the Legacy BD or the Liberty Sedan in Australia. A quick search on eBay for BD Tail lights, yielded a couple results.





Remember, these are not common, so be prepared to spend $$$$

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