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Idle problems

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I have a 2005 legacy with idle issues. Car starts and idles fine but I can smell that it's running rich then when I apply some throttle and let off the idle drops extremely low and usually the car just stalls. I got one code P0031 HO2S heater control circuit, low bank 1 sensor 1. Could this code be caused by the rich running not the actual problem?


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P0031 HO2S indicates a problem with the heating element in the front oxygen sensor. This could affect your air/fuel ratio when the engine is started cold. Does your idle problem go away after the car is fully warmed up?


You may want to check that the wiring to your front O2 sensor is in good shape and connected. If that checks out, you may have a bad O2 sensor, it's pretty common and they are not too difficult to replace.


The factory service manual has a set of diagnostic procedures for all common trouble codes.




Another common cause of poor idle is vacuum leaks.

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