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Tint Job Ruin Door Upholstery?

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So I just bought a really clean 06 Wagon and one of the first things I did (as in next day, Friday) was get the windows tinted. I went out to the car out today and noticed the top of the upholstery on the back passenger door looked like this:




It was sticky to the touch so I assume there was some extra solution that got on the door and baked in the sun causing this. I triple checked with my wife that it was not like that when we bought it.


The tint shop is right down the road and has really good reviews. I'm going to go back Monday and see what I can do.


What do you think the cost would be to replace this piece of the upholstry? Any advice on how? What do you think I should say when I confront the shop?

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You probably need to get another door card from a recycler, then swap them. Sometimes it is hard to get an exact color match with lighter color interiors.


What to say to the shop. I find a "problem solving" approach usually works better than an emotional or accusatory approach. For example:


"I found this damaged section on one of my door panels after I got back from the tint shop the other day. Can you help me understand why this happened and what do you think is the best way to deal with it?"

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Thanks Miles.


I'm up here and they said they only use soapy water to apply and then heat it from the outside of the glass. The guys I spoke with said they have no idea how that happened. I'm going back up at 10 AM when the tint guy gets there.

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