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Rebuilding a 5EAT center diff


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Just bought a 2007 Legacy GT with the 5EAT and a blown center diff. Some pictures of the carnage for reference:





I'm in the middle of pricing out all the replacement parts and was hoping to get some input from anyone else who's had experience with this.


From the below diagram I'm replacing everything except for parts 2, 16, 23, 21, and 1. Also going to replace the roller bearings with the hex mods bushings.



Part 16, the carrier assembly, has some scoring on the outside as can be seen in the second picture. The inside looks to be fine, as does the gear, so I'm assuming I'm fairly safe reusing this part?


In the transfer clutch section, it looks like part 16, the rear pressure plate, has a bunch of teeth sheared off, but I don't have the special tool spec'd by Subaru to disassemble the transfer clutch assembly, so I can't really assess anything else in that section at the moment.





I'll try to document with more pictures as I progress, but any input is appreciated!

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After lots of scouring, I was able to find real pictures of the transfer clutch assembly, and part 16 actually has a weird pattern of teeth (making it look like some were missing), not the symmetrical pattern shown in the diagram. That said, the bearing (part 12) was trashed, and the whole assembly (part 13) cost a whopping few dollars more than just the bearing.
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Got the center diff apart today. Two of the pinion shafts came out easily, one gave me a bit of trouble, and the last took about 2 hours of ******* around.




It's a bit tough to see, but if you look below the hole in the shaft, you can see some distortion of the metal. My guess is this is why it was so difficult to remove.




Gear on the intermediate shaft is just shredded:




The case has some minor markings but I'm going to clean it up and reuse it. Same with the rear drive shaft. I will be replacing all the bearings though.





Parts are on their way, hopefully be rebuilding it next week.

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Long overdue update. I rebuilt the transmission successfully, and the car drove mostly okay (other than binding on turns). Turns out the previous owner put a baja rear diff in with a drastically different gear ratio than the stock diff. Explains the destruction of the center diff and condition of the clutch packs.
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