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Trouble finding a shop for console repair


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2005 2.5 gt 5MT. This is my problem.






I am having trouble finding what type of shop this would be applicable too.

The top portion has cracked off and the gauge housing is not good looking. Also only 1 out of 3 gauges work. When the car is off, the 6 cd changer likes to cycle and drain the battery. So i instinctively pulled the fuse for it, and oddly enough the last gauge stopped working. So it seems that they have spliced power to those gauges into the radio, and there is a short somewhere. What type of shop could handle replacing the trim, cleaning up the gauge housing and finding the fault. PS I live in bremerton WA if someone knows of a specific shop.

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so the outer trim piece needs to be replaced - it's p/n 66060AG05B. Looking at the dash and the marks on it, someone was trying to remove that (maybe to install the gauges) and probably broke it. MSRP is $105, but you can get it cheaper at any of the online dealers - it's a simple remove and replace.




Sounds like the previous owner made a mess of the wiring. You won't know what you are dealing with until you pull it out and take a look. If you need someone to do it, any performance shop should be able to handle it - I'd post on the local forum here or over on NASIOC to see where to go (or to find someone who can help you out) - there's no way to know what's wrong with the other two gauges (maybe they are hooked up, maybe not - did you verify the sensors are there? looks like boost, oil pressure, and exhaust temperature.)

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Are you comfortable with wiring at all?


I have that vent section minus the trip computer i'll sell you cheap, and if you want to keep the gauges you can have someone 3d print the 3 gauge cluster section easily.


Wiring shouldn't be to hard. It sounds like something isn't grounded, and is leaving the circuit open which is causing your parasitic drain.


If you're okay with it, pull the radio and check how it's wired up. Those look like prosport gauges.

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