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Spec B will sell tonight, Sunday July 16


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The Spec B will sell tonight, Sunday July 16, at 9:00 PM Pacific!


I've had several offers. None have been full price but we are close enough to call an end to the sale. Some prospective buyers have tight timelines and none of us wants to keep dragging out the high offer/bidding process. The sale will end instantly when the first person offers $15,500. Otherwise the car will sell tonight to the high offer (bidder).


The current bid is $13,750.


The high offer winner must provide a 20% down payment within 48 hours (Tuesday, July 18, 9:00 PM) or payment in full. A down payment will hold the car until August 31 2017. If the buyer cancels after the down payment is made I will keep 5% of the total purchase price.


Down payments and full pay offs may be made by:

PayPal: I'll send you a PayPal invoice. You must pay it by the above deadline.


Cash $


Wired Funds. I will provide wiring instructions to the winner Monday morning.


If the high bidder doesn't provide the down payment in time the next highest bidder will be given the chance to fulfill the sale.


Shipping/Pick Up:

I live close to Bend/Redmond Airport (RDM). I will meet you at the airport so you can test drive the car. If you don't like it I will refund your down payment in full, no 5% penalty fee. All costs to get here and get home are on you. I figure if you're willing to take that risk I'm not going to penalize you with the 5% cancellation fee if you do it here in person.




I will trailer the car in an enclosed trailer up to 1,500 miles (radius from Bend) at $1.75 a mile. This is an additional fee paid by you.




You can pay to have a car carrier shipping company transport it. I will be happy to assist with this.


I will be out of town July 20-25 so won't be able to conclude the deal and turn the car over to you during that time frame.


Good luck everyone who is interested and especially to the folks who have made offers. Whoever gets this car should think about how you're going to get home by taking as many mountain roads as you can, you are going to love this GT type car in the mountains. And FYI, Crater Lake is on the way for any buyer heading back to California/Arizona/Nevada. It would only add about 2 hours to your trip to divert to the North Gate (only open this time of year) and is well worth it.


For full details see thread: http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/bend-2008-spec-b-261972p2.html

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