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B4 Rsk 2.0tt


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Hi, i'm a noob to the forums, and i am planning on purchasing a subie next summer, still finalizing a few details on the exact model.

Currently im leaning towards a B4 RSK 2000-2003 model


The 2.0tt engine specifically, what local engines have compatible parts with the bh5D

I heard that the D engines have bigger injectors different turbos and a stronger bottom end, but i cant find info about what engine it is the same as locally (NA/Can)


Also, Adding a throttle body spacer of around 1" does that cause a lot of issues with re fitting the factory intercooler etc?

Also would anyone know where to get one in Aluminium? (after searching extensively through the forums the newest post i found was 2015)


Where i live in canada the best go juice available is 91 (95), which is not very good for a jdm waiting for 100ron especially at 9:1 comp

My plan is for a dual stage meth injection system to prevent detonation rather than detuning/ lowering boost


If anyone could enlighten me or link me to a post regarding people running this engine unmolested so i know where to start from would be really appreciated.

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