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Boggy, hesitations and stumble 2000-2600 rpms

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Relevant mods:



Topfeed tgvs

Wrx rails

Aeromotive fpr

Walboro 450

Comp clutch stage 3+

W/lightweight flywheel

Sd tune

Efr 6758 rotated.


My car doesnt like anything under 2500 rpms. Its boggy and stumbly etc there. I have to cruise in higher rpms and Id prefer to be able granny shift if I can.


My tuner and subie shop owner are telling me they feel engine boggyness in the 2000-2500 range on cars that all have id13000's.


They said logs looked fine and that this behavior is common with big fueling plus lightweight flywheel. Behavior didint change when turning open loop off so they think its mechanical based on their tune testing (they also tried other things as well). The shop owners car does the same thing but he doesnt notice it because he doesnt cruise in lower rpms.


Checking for confirmation on this behavior, I might double post to the tuning section but shop said its mechanical so Im posting here first.


Looking for people to tell me either an obvious fix or confirmation that this is normal.



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If you run the car on maf does it still happen?

Maybe they didn't tune the small injector pw tables?


Car doesnt have maf. SD tuned.


Since they are adamant its not the tune, how do I ask them about the small injector tables without sounding like an ass. I know in my job if a client asks me "someone from the internet said" it would be really annoying.


They've spent a lot of time with my car too. Multiple tunes and builds.

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I wouldn't expect any driveability issues with E85. 1300s really aren't that big for E85. They aren't doing something right. I'm using pump gas and mine idle and drive great.


What's your base fuel pressure set at?


I would be straight up with them and say you've been doing research and that this behavior isn't normal. Maybe contact ID and get their opinion as well. But something definitely isn't right. 1300s with E85 is like 900s on pump. I love my 1300s because of how well they drive. It was night and day when I switched.


Hell, if you need some evidence for them I can send you a video of my car driving through 2000-2500 RPMs in different gears to show how silky smooth it is.

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Have you done anything with the Fuel Pressure Regulator?


Here are several threads I've bookmarked related to the problem. I haven't tried addressing it yet, but share the stumble in 2000-2800 under light throttle. My E-tune has helped a little but it is still there.





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That second thread is the one I started, and unfortunately for me nothing came of it, it's still there and driving me nuts, some days it drives perfect no hesitation, some days it does it constantly really starting to hate this car
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