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Can a VDC trans be swapped for a non-VDC?

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Asking for a friend:

We found a steal of a deal on an VDC Outback that wasn't running. Got it started and found a minor leak in the transmission. It was slow and from the front so he's just been keeping it topped off while things turned around for him financially. Fast forward to the present and he finally took it in to have what we hoped was a bad input seal replaced only to discover the leak is coming from the pump. Making matters worse, being a rare car, finding a pump has proven to be either very costly or very difficult.

Here's where the question comes in: I have a spare, functional, non-VDC transmission from the same generation that would really save the day for him if it could be swapped in. I know the bell housings are the same but don't know much else about what is different between the two boxes. Can these be swapped without too much of a major headache or causing the TCU to panic and not function?

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No, the VDC has an entirely different TCU and wiring than a non-VDC. Call around some JDM shops, they seem to be able to get the VDC transmissions fairly regularly. They come from the Legacy Lancaster 6 over in Japan and almost exclusively were VDC transmissions. Importers usually import the EZ30 and transmission as a whole and separate them later. If you put a non-VDC transmission in, it will put the car in limp mode and cause everything to not work right.


Here's one to try: http://www.jdmenginescorp.com/jdm-transmissions/jdm-subaru-transmission/jdm-subaru-legacy-gt30-outback-h6-lancaster-6-ez30-auto-awd-transmission-3-0l-dohc-3-0-liter-ez30d-automatic-trans-2000-2001-2002-used-japanese-import-00-01-02.html


Call them and ask for the model code and Google search it.

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