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issues with my legacy motor

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so ive been working on a 2007 legacy which came to me non running. Someone had a oppsy with a timing belt install which caused bent valves. so long story short valves where replaced had a few hicups along the way which might point in a direction for my troubleshooting. The car starts and runs fine after the ecu has been erased for about 10 mins then it wont idle and clearly has running issues. from what i see the signs point to a timing issue in my head. The other thing is that its running very rough but the motor sounds great with no signs of any problems with the engine work when your on the gas. so the crank pulley was replaced with an older type with the rubber (has much bigger holes) figgured it would not be an issue but hey maybe im wrong. the guy who did the timing belt replaced the crank gear because the orginal was damaged i didnt look at it closely but its similar looking i was thinking that because the imprezas and legacys use different timing belts t304,t307 that maybe there is 2 different crank gears and maybe ive got the impreza type idk just stating the things i know. i did get some codes but only p301 p302 p303 and p304 which is a missfire code for every cylinder only time ive seen something like that has been timing related. i was also thinking that the timing belt guy could have damaged the crank sensor removing the crank gear didnt look closely but maybe that could be an idea. the timing belt guy also damaged the timing tentioner bracket which was replaced with the older type i did some research on that and i guess subaru changed it around 05 to stop kocking noises from the tentioner.


any help would be great i really need to figgure this one out ill be checking timing and replacing the crank pulley with the correct one tommarrow i will post any updates.... thanks a bunch

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The service manual may help you.


These cars are picky about the crank pulley. Get the proper one.


Is this a GT or a 2.5i ?

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