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1997 GT sedan- bought it!

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Added a third second gen to the fleet today- 1997 Legacy GT (intended for our youngest son when he gets his license). Car has 198K miles and has an EJ22 swap (with only 90K miles on it).


Body is decent except for typical rust on passenger's quarter panel and a dent in the driver's quarter panel. Paint needs buffing badly. Interior is clean


Apparently has some bad rotor warpage as pretty bad vibration when applying brakes and a slight shimmy around 60 MPH. Also will need driver's side axle as you can hear some clicking when turning. Motor purrs like a kitten. The seller told me that it has the typical hard 1st to 2nd shift from the 4EAT in cold weather unless you warm it up, but it shifted fine when driving it today.


My first plan is to replace brake pads and rotors all around to see if that takes care of the vibration when braking. After that, I'll let my mechanic take a look at it, replace the axle, see if there's anything else that needs attention.

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I bought a junkyard set for $140. They were off of a 03 Legacy L sedan, so I know they were swapped and have decent amount of tread on them. My 99 Outback is getting due for new front tires and I am itching to install them due to the larger wheel size, but I am going to lose about an inch of height due to the tire size going from 26.3 inches to 24.9 inches
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