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Rotor/caliper problem

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I am having a problem where my rotor is getting a groove dug into it by the caliper bracket bolt. I have went through countless brake pads and rotors about 3 rotors a month. And a set of pads a week. I have bought a new caliper. Bracket. And rotor 2 days ago and the rotor and caliper bracket are completely shot. I've had the inner and outer tie rods done. Ball joint. Wheel hub bushing. When I turn my car hard to the right I get an unbelievable grinding and crunching sound and it brings my car to a complete stop. Even in reverse. The vehicle is a 2000 subaru legacy L.
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Holy crap batman! Pads once a week. Autozone must love your business!


My first instinct would be to say the bearing is shot, but you stated you had it replaced.


I'd put the front of the car up on jack stands, take off the front tire, turn the steering wheel all the way to the right and rotate the hub assembly. Also, check to see that there is no lateral or vertical play in the steering knuckle or wheel hub assembly.


It sounds like the retainer clip for the bearing isn't there and/or the axle nut isn't tightened causing the whole hub assembly to come loose.

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