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Shudder/vibration under hard acceleration

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The other day I noticed I had two torn cv inner boots on the front drive axles on my 06 legacy gt 5mt that only has about 90,000 miles on it. (I Had no vibration at that point just noticed a faint clunk in the parking lot or when coming to a stop light) After replacing the drive axles with new ones (at first aftermarket but then swapped for the Subaru remans) I am now getting a vibration under load. I replaced the drivers side steering knuckle, ball joint on that side, and put on new brake pads on in the process. I also replaced the transmission mount after to see if that would help the vibration which it did not. Checked the engine mounts and those looked good. There's no play in the tierod ends and all the bushing are old but none looked cracked or have any play. When I first put the new axles on I accidentally lost track of where the differential seal retainer was screwed in and may have had it too tight at first but only on the drivers side. However, since then I've had the car in a transmission shop and they have checked the backlash and made sure that retainer is where it's supposed to be. The shop also said the front diff. Checked out fine. I am not getting any noise from the diff. At all and the trans is shifting fine but they said I'm am still getting this vibration/wobble under load. Next thing I want to try is to replace the drive shaft but I'm fearful this won't fix the problem either. Why would I not have the vibration before? There doesnt seem to be a lot of play in the shaft and the u joints from what I can tell look okay. The Subaru dealer wants to take apart my transmission but I am also skeptical that is the issue. I can't imagine I did any damage with that seal retainer too tight as I only drove it a few days like that and it would have only been at most 3 notches off where it was. Just posting here as a last ditch effort to get any new information as I have called many different shops and dealships and gotten nowhere. I greatly appreciate any input. Thanks. Only other thing I did around the same time was clean my engine bay for the first time but I followed the guide on here and covered everything I needed to with plastic and I used gunk foaming and just a regular water hose. I've had wheels balanced and alignment checked just to rule that out and that has not helped either. Also, at one point during all of this I had the break caliper off the rotor on the drivers side and applied the breaks without thinking lost some break fluid but used a c clamp to push back in the Pistons and the breaks seems to be functioning fine. Could I have jacked up that caliper leading to my issues? Car only vibrates on hard accerlation and vibration stops as soon as I'm off the gas. Thanks again to anyone who can help me out


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