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Slow for Power to Hit in Boost...


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I've had my car back from the tuner now for a few months and I'm a wondering if I've got an issue. I'm running a BNR 18G turbo with all the supporting mods and I can make decent boost in lower RPMs but don't seem to feel any power hit until I get over 4k RPMs. For instance, I'll lean into the throttle at 2750 RPM and watch my boost gauge hit 12-15 PSI as the motor starts to spin up from 3k RPM to 4k RPM but I don't really feel the power hit until over 4k RPM when I'm making 20 PSI.


I'm a bit disappointed with this as the vast majority of driving I do is below 4500 RPM. I don't have any check engine lights or boost leaks.


Is this just how my tuner decided to build the power curve or is there something wrong?

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Are you satisfied with the power that comes on after 4k?


Seems completely natural for a larger turbo to not get the power going until that range. And 12 psi on a tuned car is a normal pressure to build down below 2.5k rpms without the car really starting to move.

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