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'97 GT- Hard 1st to 2nd Shift

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I found a '97 GT sedan about an hour away that I'm going to look at this weekend. Looks clean, very little rust, 198K miles, but it had a '95 EJ22 swapped in with approximately 90K miles on it. The only downside seems to be it will need a driver's side axle soon and the owner told me that in the colder weather, last year, it began to get the hard 1st to 2nd shift that some 4EAT's experience (he says only in the cold weather and if you warm it up a few minutes, the shift is smooth).


I haven't this issue with either of my 2nd gens, but I know I've heard from others that they have lived with it for years and some people have gotten the shifting to smooth out by using different types of transmission fluids, etc...


Before I commit to buying the car, I'm curious what other opinions are about this issue and does it sound like it's going to get a lot worse, in this case.


Has anybody really ever found a fix to this issue?

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Fluid flush and a quart of Lucas transmission fluid conditioner. Worked like a charm on my transmission. Cured my hard shifts.


Do you mean doing a couple of drain and fills? I've heard flushing an old transmission can do more harm than good.


I'll be probably do another transmission fluid change on our existing GT as well, as the previous fluid I drained out of it was nasty and it's got the flashing AT Temp light now.

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In the cases where a flush "killed" it, that trans was going to die in a few weeks anyway. It was acting weird, that's why they flushed it. Typically the fluid is full of ground up clutch packs. The solenoids are sticky from all the debris in the fluid. The clutches are trying to slip from the wear. Then you take the grit out of the fluid and that was the last thing allowing the clutches to kinda grip, so they start slipping. The fluid turns dark again, and now it slips a little. Keep driving it like that (clearly you can because it will move so it's totally ok, just like it was totally ok to ignore the fluid until it started acting weird) and the clutches finish grinding themselves to junk and it's dead. It's obvious that removing useless fluid and putting good in totally destroyed your working trans.


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